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Quality Settings (File Size)

I often get the question what's the best Quality Settings to use, Well it's actually personal preference so I will show you a recommended Quality Settings. But before you continue to read, as with all my guides:

If you don't care about quality then stop reading and see if the other tutorials are helpful for you.

This Quality Settings has been created and tested with info I got from others, and release comparisons from different sources.

I only do WEB-DL my self for TV shows because in my opinion WEB-DL is the sweet spot between Quality and Size and you often don't see big difference anyway for TV shows. (Except for shows like GOT, Vikings, etc)



Q: Why do you only show starting from HDTV720p?

A: With the big screens these days anything lower doesn't look watchable

Q: Why do you have some sized set so high?

A: You probably didn't read the bold text above, I also need to keep in mind usenet releases that are often bigger then torrent releases.

Q: You noticed that some episodes don't grab because of these settings.

A: If you notice that some episodes won't be grabbed because of these size settings you can provide me a proof with a screenshot and the error it shows you when you do a interactive search (non redacted except the indexer/tracker if you want to).

  • I will only accept changes that are International releases no multi, or dubbed language releases.
  • I won't accept mislabeled source releases like from MeGusta, etc (they should learn to name their stuff decent first).
  • I won't accept changes for micro sized releases.
  • Documentaries and cartoons are often much smaller so I probably won't edit those either.

Sonarr Quality Definitions

Quality Minimum Maximum
HDTV-720p 10 67.5
HDTV-1080p 15 137.3
WEBRip-720p 10 137.3
WEBDL-720p 10 137.3
Bluray-720p 17.1 137.3
WEBRip-1080p 15 137.3
WEBDL-1080p 15 137.3
Bluray-1080p 50.4 227
Bluray-1080p Remux 69.1 400
HDTV-2160p 69.1 350
WEBRip-2160p 69.1 350
WEBDL-2160p 69.1 350
Bluray-2160p 94.6 400
Bluray-2160p Remux 204.4 400

Sonarr Quality Definitions - Anime (Work in Progress)

Quality Minimum Maximum
HDTV-720p 2.3 51.4
HDTV-1080p 2.3 100
WEBRip-720p 4.3 100
WEBDL-720p 4.3 51.4
Bluray-720p 4.3 102.2
WEBRip-1080p 4.5 257.4
WEBDL-1080p 4.3 253.6
Bluray-1080p 4.3 258.1
Bluray-1080p Remux 0 400
HDTV-2160p 69.1 350
WEBRip-2160p 69.1 350
WEBDL-2160p 69.1 350
Bluray-2160p 94.6 400
Bluray-2160p Remux 204.4 400

Last update: November 20, 2021 23:19:56
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