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Quality Settings (File Size)

I often get the question "What's the best quality settings to use?" Well, it's actually personal preference so I will show you my recommendations.

But before you continue to read, as with all my guides:

If you don't care about quality then stop reading and see if the other tutorials are helpful for you.

These Quality Settings have been created and tested with info I got from others, and release comparisons from different sources.

I only do WEB-DL myself for TV shows because in my opinion WEB-DL is the sweet spot between quality and size and you often don't see big differences anyway for TV shows. (Except for shows like GOT, Vikings, etc)



Q: Why do you only show starting from HDTV720p?

A: With the big screens these days anything lower doesn't look watchable

Q: Why do you have some sizes set so high?

A: You probably didn't read the bold text above, I also need to keep in mind usenet releases that are often bigger than torrent releases.

Q: You noticed that some episodes don't grab because of these settings.

A: If you notice that some episodes won't be grabbed because of these size settings you can provide me a proof with a screenshot and the error it shows you when you do a interactive search (non redacted except the indexer/tracker if you want to).

  • I will only accept changes that are international releases. No multi, or dubbed language releases.
  • I won't accept mislabeled source releases like from MeGusta etc. (They should learn to name their stuff properly first)
  • I won't accept changes for micro sized releases.
  • Documentaries and cartoons are often much smaller so I probably won't edit those either.

Sonarr Quality Definitions

Quality Minimum (Megabytes Per Minute) Maximum (Megabytes Per Minute)
HDTV-720p 10 400
HDTV-1080p 15 400
WEBRip-720p 10 400
WEBDL-720p 10 400
Bluray-720p 17.1 400
WEBRip-1080p 15 400
WEBDL-1080p 15 400
Bluray-1080p 50.4 400
Bluray-1080p Remux 69.1 400
HDTV-2160p 25 400
WEBRip-2160p 25 400
WEBDL-2160p 25 400
Bluray-2160p 94.6 400
Bluray-2160p Remux 187.4 400

Sonarr Quality Definitions - Anime

Quality Minimum (Megabytes Per Minute) Maximum (Megabytes Per Minute)
SDTV 5 400
WEBRip-480p 5 400
WEBDL-480p 5 400
DVD 5 400
Bluray-480p 5 400
HDTV-720p 5 400
HDTV-1080p 5 400
WEBRip-720p 5 400
WEBDL-720p 5 400
Bluray-720p 5 400
WEBRip-1080p 5 400
WEBDL-1080p 5 400
Bluray-1080p 5 400
Bluray-1080p Remux 5 400
HDTV-2160p 5 400
WEBRip-2160p 5 400
WEBDL-2160p 5 400
Bluray-2160p 5 400
Bluray-2160p Remux 5 400


The reason why you don't see the Preferred score in the table above is because we want max quality anyway. So set it as high as possible.

The highest preferred quality you can manually enter is 1 less than the Maximum quality. If you use the slider, the preferred quality can be up to 5 lesser than the Maximum quality.

Make sure you have enabled 'Show Advanced' in Sonarr, if you don't see a provision to enter the scores, under the Quality settings.

Questions or Suggestions?

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