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NZBGet - Paths and Categories

NZBGet development has been picked up again by new developers over at github!

This basic example is based on the use of docker images

Keep in mind the path are setup so it works with hardlinks and instant moves.

More info HERE


Pick one path layout and use it for all of them.

It doesn't matter if you prefer to use /data, /shared, /storage or whatever.

The screenshots in the examples are using the following root path /data

Settings => PATHS


Settings => CATEGORIES



  1. You set your download location in your download client
  2. Your download client ONLY downloads to your download folder/location.
  3. And you tell Radarr where you want your clean media library
  4. Starr Apps import from your download location (copy/move/hardlink) to your media folder/library
  5. Plex, Emby, JellyFin, or Kodi should ONLY have access to your media folder/library

‼ Your Download and Media Library should be **NEVER the same locations** ‼

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have questions or suggestions click the chat badge to join the Discord Support Channel where you can ask your questions directly and get live support.

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