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Setup TorGuard for port forwarding


These settings are a recommendation if you want to choose other settings be my guest.

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Create a user account

Go to My Account > Services > My Service Credentials. First we're going to create a user account for your VPN so we won't need to use your main account that you use to login to your account on the Torguard site. This account will be used for authentication with your VPN Torrent client.

create user account

Create a new username and choose a secure password or create a random username and password.

How to get the IP of your VPN server

Go to My Account > Server > Global VPN Network

Then we're going to select which server we're going to use,

server list

For the best speed it's recommended to choose the one nearest to your location. Lets use for this example: USA Miami and copy/paste the Hostname

then open a cmd window or something equal and type: ping


You will then get the IP of the server. Remember that for later use.

How to set Port forwarding

Go to My Account > Services > My Services.

request port forward

Then click on Manage and select Request Port Forward.

request status

  1. That's the IP we found earlier.
  2. Select UDP.
  3. Select a Port/Auth I personally use 995|SHA1.
  4. Select the Protocol TCP.
  5. I suggest to use a high Port number 10.000+ or a game port you don't use, don't use the default torrent ports 6881- 6889 (This is also the port you will use in your torrent client).
  6. Click on the + sign and do the same with the UDP Protocol.
  7. Then click on Submit Request.

submit request

And you will see something like this.


You will also receive a e-mail with the ports you forwarded.

How to create the .ovpn file

Go to My Account > Tools > OpenVPN Config Generator.


  1. Choose the OS you want to use the .ovpn for.
  2. Choose Custom.
  3. Put in the IP we got earlier and used for the port forwarding.
  4. Choose UDP.
  5. Choose 995|SHA1 or what you selected during the port forwarding.
  6. Choose AES-128-GCM.
  7. Choose 2.4 and above.
  8. Check Require TLS 1.2
  9. Click on Generate Config

Now you will download a .ovpn file with a random number. This .ovpn file you place in the openvpn folder of your VPN torrent client.

Last update: 2021-03-02