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NZBGet - Basic Setup

NZBGet development has been picked up again by new developers over at github!

This basic example is based on the use of docker images

Keep in mind the path are setup so it works with hardlinks and instant moves.

More info HERE

Bad path suggestion

The default path setup suggested by some docker developers that encourages people to use mounts like /movies, /tv, /books or /downloads is very suboptimal and it makes them look like two or three file systems, even if they aren’t (Because of how Docker’s volumes work). It is the easiest way to get started. While easy to use, it has a major drawback. Mainly losing the ability to hardlink or instant move, resulting in a slower and more I/O intensive copy + delete is used.

But you're able to change this, by not using the pre-defined/recommended paths like:

  • /downloads => /data/downloads, /data/usenet, /data/torrents
  • /movies => /data/media/movies
  • /tv => /data/media/tv

Some Basics

Name Description
${MainDir} Root directory for all tasks.
${AppDir} Where NZBGet is installed.
${DestDir} Destination directory for downloaded files.



I will only explain the so-called most important paths.

Name Description
MainDir /data/usenet
DestDir ${MainDir} (so it will go in to /data/usenet)
InterDir Files are downloaded into this directory (before unpack+par2)
NzbDir Directory for incoming nzb-files.
QueueDir This directory is used to save download queue, history, information statistics, etc.
ScriptDir Directory with post-processing and other scripts.
LogFile Where your log files will be stored (Please create a log directory in your config)



Name Description
Active Use this news server.
Name The name is used in UI and for logging. It can be any string.
Level Put your major download servers at level 0 and your fill servers at levels 1, 2, etc..
Host Host name of news server.
Port Port to connect to.
Password Password to use for authentication.
Encryption Encrypted server connection (TLS/SSL). (preferred to use this)
Connections Use the lowest possible number of connections to reach your max download speed +1 connection.
Retention How long the articles are stored on the news server.



Name Description
Name This should match what you put in Sonarr/Radarr (tv/movies/sonarr/radarr/series/films)
DestDir ${DestDir} Destination directory (/data/usenet/movies)
Unpack Unpack downloaded nzb-files.
Extensions List of extension scripts for this category.




AppendCategoryDir: Create a subdirectory with category-name in destination-directory.




WriteBuffer: If you're low on memory don't set this too high.








DirectUnpack: This might lower your download speed but the overall time could be faster. (disable on low-powered devices)



Depending if you're using some NZBGet script here you can change the order or when it should be used

The following settings are recommended for Sonarr/Radarr, else it could happen that Sonarr/Radarr will miss downloads that are still in the queue/history. Being that Sonarr/Radarr only looks at the last xx amount in the queue/history.



Settings => Download Clients

!Sonarr: Settings => Download Clients

Make sure you check both boxes under Completed Download Handling in step 3.

Select NZBGet in step 4 and scroll down to the bottom of the new window where it says Completed Download Handling and check both boxes.

!Sonarr: Download Clients - SABnzbd



Settings => Download Clients

!Radarr: Settings => Download Clients

Make sure you check both boxes under Completed Download Handling in step 3,

and both boxes under Failed Download Handling in step 4.

Questions or Suggestions?

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