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How to setup FlareSolverr

FlareSolverr is a proxy server to bypass Cloudflare and DDoS-GUARD protection.


  • A FlareSolverr Proxy will only be used for requests if and only if Cloudflare is detected by Prowlarr
  • A FlareSolverr Proxy will only be used for requests if and only if the Proxy and the Indexer have matching tags
  • A Flaresolverr Proxy configured without any tags or has no indexers with matching tags it will be disabled.

Install FlareSolverr

Please follow the installation instruction from FlareSolverr

Add FlareSolverr to Prowlarr

Settings => indexers

Settings => images

Click on the + sign and select FlareSolverr

Add Indexers

Add the following info

Add Proxy FlareSolverr

  1. Name of the Proxy in Prowlarr.
  2. The tags for this proxy.
  3. The full host path (include http and the port) to your FlareSolverr instance.
  4. The FlareSolver Request maxTimeout value Prowlarr should use for FlareSolverr requests. Must be between 1 second and 180 seconds (Default: 60 seconds).
  5. Test if your connection works.
  6. If it works click on Save.

Add FlareSolverr to your indexer

Select the indexer that you want to use with FlareSolverr

Select Indexer

Scroll down to the bottom and add the tag you've set up earlier at step 2.

Add tag to indexer

Click Test and Save.

Now the indexer should be using FlareSolverr.

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