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How to rename your foldersΒΆ

If you want to rename your current folders names for example to your new naming scheme or for any other reason. You can do this with this little magic trick.


Go to you movie overview


On the top click on Movie Editor


After activating it you select the movie(s) from where you want to have the folder(s) to be renamed.


  1. If you want all your movie folders renamed to your folder naming scheme you set earlier HERE.
  2. Select the movie(s) from where you want to have the folder(s) to be renamed.
  3. Choose the same Root Folder

A new popup will be shown


Select Yes, Move the files


If you got a larger library, remote storage, cloud storage or your path structure isn't well planned that doesn't support instant moves then this process could take a while, make sure you don't interrupt this process if it does stop before completing, it could results in quite the mess.

Then Magic


As you can see the folder has been renamed to the correct year following your naming scheme.

Questions or Suggestions?

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Last update: December 26, 2021 16:08:48
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