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Here you will find a list of included and available plugins that may be useful. These are not required but should be seen as ways to advance/customize your setup once you understand the client and its behaviors.


All plugins are .egg files, these files will need to be placed inside your deluge config/data directory, inside the plugins folder. If you are using a thin client, they will also need to be present on your local instance as well.


Links to the plugins below are directly to the latest versions available on Deluge's forums, see the original and subsequent posts for more information concerning the plugin's features and iterations.


Use this plugin as a "Watch" directory for .torrent files, you can customize the settings using the Edit button for that specific directory (download directory, label, etc).

Place a .torrent file in a watched folder, and Deluge will add the torrent to your client. Make sure your directory is marked with a checkmark under Active if you wish it to be monitored.


This plugin is used to continuously update the tracker when adding torrents from IRC (think autodl-irssi or autobrr) before they are registered.

See the forum thread for details below.



This plugin has mixed reception, depending on the use case. For private trackers, it is generally recommended to keep it disabled. There is an argument that some benefits, in privacy/security, could be made for public trackers - however, reports of many false positives and actual TRACKERS being flagged/blocked have been reported.

Use at your own discretion.


Execute will run a program or script upon reaching a specified event. It is recommended that after adding events, you restart Deluge.


Checking or Rechecking a torrent will not trigger the "Torrent Completed" event, you will need to actually download the torrent to trigger this.


Stats does exactly what it sounds like; provides you with statistics on torrent traffic. You can find the latest version on the forums, but depending on which version of Deluge you install an older version may be included.



YaRSS2 should be considered unsupported/abandoned at this point. This plugin will crash your client after a random amount of time.

There is not currently any active development on the project, as far as I'm aware.

There is currently no viable RSS support natively in Deluge.


This is one of the forks of the original AutoRemovePlus (also referred to as ARP) which will automatically remove torrents from your client:

  • Select how many torrents are allowed at the same time.
  • Choose to remove or pause them based on multiple criteria age, seeders, seed time or ratio.
  • Set specific removal rules depending on the tracker or LabelPlus label.
  • Remove only torrents from specific trackers or LabelPlus labels.
  • Only remove torrents if under a certain HDD space threshold.
  • Select if torrents have to fulfill both or either criteria.
  • Delete torrents in order (e.g. delete torrents with the highest ratio first).
  • Don't remove torrents if they don't reach a minimum time (in days) or ratio.
  • Choose the removal interval.
  • Right-click and select torrents that you don't want automatically removed.
  • Remove the torrent data option.
  • Create an exempted tracker or LabelPlus label list, so that torrents that belong to those trackers or labels are not removed.
  • Fully functional WebUI.

Other forks, and the original plugin, can be found on the GitHub page.



If you need to set libtorrent settings to anything other than their defaults, this is the plugin for you. There are presets, but you can fine-tune the settings as you need as well.


There is a known bug when trying to enable settings in ltConfig, double-clicking will sometimes not "check" the option.

Simply click the option, then use the space bar to enable that checkbox.


If you want to seed over 1600 torrents, you will need this plugin. You will need to increase the active_tracker_limit.

If your tracker's SSL certificate has expired, you can disable validate_https_trackers to bypass validation.

See the forum thread for details below.


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