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Guide Sync

These are 3rd party applications to sync several sections of the guide with your Sonarr/Radarr (or multiple).

Feature Notifiarr Recyclarr
GUI (graphical user interface) v
Radarr Custom Formats v v
Radarr Use Flowchart to choose the correct Custom Formats for your Quality Profile v
Radarr predefined config files available v
Radarr Clear all Custom Formats v
Radarr Scores v v
Radarr Quality Settings (File Size) v v
Radarr Naming Scheme v
Sonarr v3 Release Profile RegEx v v
Sonarr v4 Custom Formats v v
Sonarr v4 predefined config files available v
Sonarr v3/v4 Clear all Release Profiles/Custom Formats v
Sonarr v3/v4 Scores v v
Sonarr v3/v4 Quality Settings (File Size) v v
Sonarr v3/v4 Naming Scheme v


It's possible with Notifiarr (Patron feature)

Notifiarr is a service much bigger in scope than just custom format syncing.

After setup it's fully automated and will check every X minutes for updates to the Custom Formats or Sonarr Release Profile and will update it to your Radarr or Sonarr (Multiple Client Support).

Just enable the Custom Formats/Release Profiles you want.

Examples - [CLICK TO EXPAND]

Radarr Custom Formats Table !Notifiarr Custom Format Table

Radarr Custom Formats (Multiple Instances possible) !Notifiarr Custom Formats Audio

Radarr Custom Formats (Multiple Instances possible) !Notifiarr Custom Formats HDR Formats

Radarr scoring (Multiple profiles possible) !Notifiarr Scores

Sonarr Release Profile (Multiple Instances possible) !Notifiarr Sonarr


Video Tutorial

Big Thanks to IBRACORP who created a great video that covers the basics.

Also check out other videos from IBRACORP HERE


Recyclarr Info

Recyclarr Documentation

Questions or Suggestions?

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