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qBittorrent - How to add categories

This basic example is based on the use of docker images

Keep in mind the path are setup so it works with hardlinks and instant moves.

More info HERE


Pick one path layout and use it for all of them.

It doesn't matter if you prefer to use /data, /shared, /storage or whatever.

The screenshots in the examples are using the following root path /data

qBittorrent - Add Categories

  1. Click on the left under categories with your left mouse button.
  2. Click on Add category

qBittorrent - New Categories

  1. Enter your category.
  2. Enter your save path subfolder (keep it simple and recognizable)

Paths and Categories Breakdown

qBittorrent - Paths and Categories Breakdown

Downloads do not go into the category folder

Downloads do not go into the category folder

When your downloads ends up in /data/torrents/ and not in /data/torrents/{tv|movies|music} then you probably forgot to change Default Torrent Management Mode: to Automatic

qBittorrent - Default Torrent Management Mode

Questions or Suggestions?

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Last update: August 15, 2022 16:42:07