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Better Uptime Integration

This integration allows for notifications from Better Uptime utilizing their webhook system

Trigger options


  1. Triggers
    • Started - Sent when Better Uptime detects an issue with a site you are monitoring
    • Ack (Acknowledged) - Sent when you mark the issue as acknowledged through Better Uptime
    • Resoled - Sent when the site you are monitoring returns a successful response
  2. Channel
    • Pick a channel from your server to send these notifications



Click the cog icon to open the configuration options for Better Uptime.


  1. Notification colors for each trigger type
  2. Notification content options that you can turn on/off to show in the notifications
  3. Better Uptime team id that is used to link the Incident in the notification

NOTE: This integration sends a single notification for all triggers. After the first one is sent, the rest will update the existing notification in the chain.

Last update: 2021-04-11