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Bazarr Integration

This integration allows for notifications from Bazarr and will also add reactions to notifications if a subtitle was found for it and you are using reactions.

Reaction example:


Trigger options


  1. Triggers
    • Info - Currently all notifications use this type
    • Warning - To date, Bazarr doesn't use this type
    • Success - To date, Bazarr doesn't use this type
    • Failure - To date, Bazarr doesn't use this type
  2. Channel
    • Bazarr shares the *arr channel unless Granular Setup is used, clicking the link on the site will move to the channel setup location.



Click the cog icon to open the configuration options for Bazarr.


  1. Open integration specific instructions
  2. Choose the notification format
  3. Enable reactions for *arr notifications when a subtitle is found if the associated *arr notification can be found



  1. How to enable notifications from within Bazarr
  2. How to enable notifications of a 2nd instance from within Bazarr
  3. Test the notification from Notifiarr to Discord
    • This will ensure your server, channel and permissions are set properly in Discord.

Last update: 2021-04-11