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3rd Party tools

Here you will find a collection of 3rd party tools and other related links for qBittorrent.

qBit Manage

This is a program used to manage your qBittorrent instance such as:

  • Tag torrents based on tracker URL and set seed goals/limit upload speed by tag (only tag torrents that have no tags)
  • Update categories based on save directory
  • Remove unregistered torrents (delete data & torrent if it is not being cross-seeded, otherwise it will just remove the torrent)
  • Automatically add cross-seed torrents in paused state. Note: cross-seed now allows for torrent injections directly to qBit, making this feature obsolete.
  • Recheck paused torrents sorted by lowest size and resume if completed
  • Remove orphaned files from your root directory that are not referenced by qBittorrent
  • Tag any torrents that have no hard links and allows optional cleanup to delete these torrents and contents based on maximum ratio and/or time seeded
  • RecycleBin function to move files into a RecycleBin folder instead of deleting the data directly when deleting a torrent
  • Built-in scheduler to run the script every x minutes. (Can use --run command to run without the scheduler)
  • Webhook notifications with Notifiarr and Apprise API integration.

qBit Manage


A cli to manage qBittorrent. Add torrents, reannounce and import from other clients.

  • Add torrents to qBittorrent from file or magnet link. Useful in combination with autodl-irssi
  • Reannounce torrents for troublesome trackers
  • Set limits on how many simultaneously active downloads are allowed
  • Import torrents with state from Deluge and rTorrent



qbittools is a feature rich CLI for the management of torrents in qBittorrent.


A Dark but not black qBittorrent WebUI

A darker theme for qBittorrent WebUI (made with the help of the Walkerservers community)

  • It's dark, but not black
  • It has different colors for ratio-values (see screenshot)
  • It has a mix of Fontawesome and custom icons




Fully-automatic cross-seeding

Run cross-seed 24/7 to:

  • Search for cross-seeds as soon as new torrents are finished downloading
  • Race starting at 100% before the uploader even joins.

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